The Norwegian Guardsmen’s Association (Norges Gardistforbund) is an umbrella association for several local Guardsmen’s Organisations across Norway. The prime driving force is to maintain the friendships obtained during this rather special military service, but also to help His Majesty The Kings Guard (HMKG) in any way we can. We have a special focus on welfare work for today’s serving guardsmen, eg at Christmas, New Year and Easter where we visit the guards with some tokens of appreciation.


Members of our local organizations are typically former and existing Guardsmen’s, and officers, former and existing employees of HMKG, or other special friends of the regiment.


 These kinds of veteran organizations for guardsmen have existed almost since the establishment of His Majesty the Kings Guard back in November 1 1856 in Stockholm.

The first documented approach was back in 1927. The oldest one still operating is Oslo Guardsmen’s Organization (Oslo Gardistforening) established in 1950. More organizations followed, and the umbrella association was established in 1963.


NGF co-operates with the Swedish and Danish counterparts, Svea Lifeguards Fellowship, Sveagardesföreningen, established 1926 and De Danske Garderforeninger established in 1885. Part of our mutual activities is the annual exchange visits between the three Scandinavian regiments.


To contact us, simply mail to  or .

You are also welcome to give us a call on +47 23 03 83 30 at our office at the HMKG quarters, open every Wednesday from 08:00-14:00.